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AYFA's Kickoff Classic Rules

2019 AYFA Kickoff Classic at Long Lake Ranch Rules-

Fields- 2nd through 5th grade will play on 60-yard fields. 6th through 8th grade on 100-yard100 yard fields. All games will include at least one Official and Chains. We will need a few parents to run them. Fields will be marked A through F with flags.

Game Balls - per each participating Team's League Rules.

Rosters- per each participating Team's League Rules.

Weight Limitations - per each participating Team's League Rules.

Player Equipment - per NFHS Rules less any jersey numbering rules.

Grievances- GET ALONG. Its preseason football. Everyone is a winner.

Game Format - 2 Scrimmage Games. Each Game will be two 25 minute running clock halves - No Special Teams. Team A will start the first half, Team B, the second half. A Coin flip determines Teams. There are no Home Teams. The Head Official decides who makes the Call for the Coin Flip.

Team A receives the ball at the 12-yard line for the 60-yard fields and the 20-yard line on the 100-yard fields. Team A is given four downs to gain 10 yards for a first down. If successful Team A continues to play as they continue to gain first downs or until they score. Then Team B takes over under the same Rules at their own 12 or 20-yard line. If either team fails to gain 10 yards in 4 downs, possession is lost with the opposing Team taking possession at their own 12 or 20-yard line.

There is no half time break or timeouts. There is no Minimum Play Rule. There will be a 25-second play clock. Two coaches are allowed on the field of play from both Teams.

All penalties apply per NFHS Rules. All-League specific in-play penalties that apply to Weight Restricted players do not apply. Example. A restricted player can recover a fumble and advance the football regardless of any League Rule that may apply in that player's specific League's Rulebook. That same restricted player cannot play a position that is restricted per their own League's Rulebook. It's up to each Team to play it straight, but the Officials will not be policing this.

Administration - all Teams must check in with the Staff at the AYFA Tent before playing their first game. See Long Lake Map for Tent location.

Misc - No post-game talks or celebrations on the Game Field or sidelines will be permitted. Each Team must quickly clear their sideline for the next Group of Teams. Each Team can do all pregame warmups at the South end of the facility. No smoking or alcohol allowed. No Dogs. No seeds or gum on the Turf Fields. Water Stations will be available. Clean Bathrooms and Concessions will be available. Overnight camping needs to be cleared with AYFA and must be RV only style.

Weather Delays- the only delays will be for dangerous lightning. The Game Schedule will simply roll back until the threat has cleared. This could mean that evening games will be rolled over to Sunday afternoon / evening. AYFA will contact those Teams affected, so they do not make an unnecessary trip.