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Welcome To Arvada Youth Football


Arvada Football is an all-volunteer organization made of men and women who fill the board, coaching, and team parent positions. These volunteers are committed to teaching Arvada's youth how to participate and compete in the game of football.

Since 2012 Arvada Youth Football has been Colorado's leader in USA Football's certification program. Our relationship with USA Football has created a Better, Safer Game for Arvada's youth football players. All Arvada coaches are USA Football certified. Arvada Youth Football will post updated events and league announcements on the Arvada Youth Football News tab. Please check back frequently for Arvada Youth Football announcements and activities. Feel free to visit the board's contact page if you have any questions about Arvada's youth football organization.



Week One

You Are Champions

AYFA's Kickoff Classic Schedule

Great day to Play Football in Arvada | Click here for full schedule, map and rules

Looking for officials

Make $2700 this fall | Click here for more information

AYFA Team Pictures

At the cottages | Full Schedule Here

AYFA Sponsors
  • Bennet's BBQ Fundraising

    Posted September 16, 2019
  • Weekly Pictures

    Posted September 3, 2019

    Each week we attempt to campture pictures of Arvada Teams playing at Long Lake compliments of Liz Photography.  

    Picuters from Week One have been posted.   Please come check them out at www.arvadayouthfootball.com. 

  • Jersey Exchange

    Posted September 1, 2019

    Marcos Trujillo will manage AYFA's white jersey exchange this year.  

    Jersey return from the previous week are due on Monday's at 8pm.   

    Note: all jerseys must be washed and returned on the provided hangers.  

    Teams who need to check out jerseys for their upcomeing game will pick them up on  Wednesday's at 8pm.   

    Please contact Marcos directly at 303-437-2324 if you need to do something differnt.