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AR64 Clark

2019 Football Season | Arvada Youth Football

Coaches & Staff

Stephen Clark Head Coach
John Lovelett Assistant Coach
Savannah Lovelett Manager



August 20th, 2019

Tuesday Practice

Hey Parents,

Please let me know if your son will not be able to make it to practice today (I already know Jack isn't able to). There may have been some confusion (my apologies), but we do have practice today. And we do have practice on Wednesday and Thursday, but not Friday.


Coach Stephen
August 19th, 2019

This Week

Hey Parents,

Here is our (most likely) schedule for the week.

Monday - Wednesday normal practice 5:30-7:30 at Warder. The most likely part is I'm waiting on confirmation from a coach for a scrimmage on Thursday. So I will let you know when that is 100%. No practice on Friday for sure.

Also, a reminder that weigh ins is this Saturday 8/24 from 8:45-9:00 am at Dicks sports goods in the Flatirons Mall.

Our game schedule has not been released yet. I will send it out when I get it.

If you have kids that you know that are interested in playing with us, we still could use a couple more!


August 15th, 2019

kickoff Classic

I would like to inform everyone that the kickoff classic is now closed for registration. They only had room for so many games, so it's now just some of the Arvada teams scrimmaging on Saturday. WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY GAMES THIS WEEKEND. I am going to contact the other 6th grade coaches to see if we can schedule a scrimmage during our normal practice hours this week. I'm sorry for the last minute communication, I've been doing everything I can this week to get things sorted out. Thanks!
August 14th, 2019

Don't forget paperwork

Hi families,

Please bring me paperwork tonight! I have to have them no later than Thursday!
The following family's have completed their paperwork...

If your name wasn't on the list please make sure you have your paperwork.

Next thing I need your payments for the kick off classic ($22) and your payment for helmet decals ($14... since we only have 14 kids so far) I have contacted all sorts of places and have multiple fundraisers in the works for everything else so stay tuned! I can accept cash, or venmo, I would prefer not to accept checks please.

Thank you so much everyone!
August 12th, 2019

Team Mom

Hi Jane, this is Stephen, Brody's football coach. You volunteered to be the team parent correct? This is my number 720-402-5225 let's get in touch about some cool team things we have coming up! Thanks
August 11th, 2019

Monday Practice

Hey Parents,

I'm so sorry for the late notice, but I was just informed that Warder Elementary is unavailable tomorrow due to a school activity. So we are forced to cancel tomorrow's practice. We will make it up by moving that practice to Tuesday. I'm apologize if this makes things harder for you. See you all Tuesday!

August 11th, 2019

Monday Practice

Hey Parents,

I'm so sorry for the late notice, but I was just informed that Warder Elementary is unavailable tomorrow due to a school activity. So we are forced to cancel tomorrow's practice. We will make it up by moving that practice to Tuesday. I'm apologize if this makes things harder for you. See you all Tuesday!

August 9th, 2019

Proof of Residence


So at the meeting last night I was informed that we also need a proof of Residence. This can be anything from a phone bill, xcel bill, rent. Please try to bring these tonight. I have to have the book complete and turned in by next week. I will also have papers that need to be signed tonight. If they are not signed then your player cannot weigh in. If they don't weigh in they don't play.

Weigh ins will be held at the Dick's sporting goods in flat irons mall Saturday August 24th at 8:30am. THIS IS MANDATORY! Please please please do not miss this.

And last but not least we still have space on our team that needs to be filled. So please ask your players friends if they would like to play football so we can fill our team!

I'll be on the practice field tonight, please come see me so we can get everything tied up. And I can answer any questions you may have.

Savannah Lovelett
August 9th, 2019


I was informed today that our coaches who have not taken the USA Football certification will not be allowed to have contact with the players. So please get that done and connect your certification form with your team connect profile.
August 8th, 2019

Team Numbers

Could you ask your sons to invite their athlete friends to join our team? We have a few spots that need to be filled.


August 8th, 2019


Can you get your son to register as a coach on the Arvada football website? Also both of you need a USA football certification ASAP.

August 8th, 2019

Atnafe’s Football Team

Hi my name is Stephen Clark and I am the Coach if the Arvada Sharks. Is Atnafe going to be playing on our team? I know you are all signed up, I just haven’t heard anything yet.


- Stephen
August 8th, 2019

USA Football Certification

Also, can you please set aside 3 hours to complete the tackle coaches certification ASAP? I'm sorry but the league does not cover the $25 charge for taking the courses.

Thanks again
August 5th, 2019


Reminder: First no pads practice is today at 5:30, see you there! If your son does have his helmet, please bring that as well.
August 4th, 2019

Team Meeting

Hey all, this is Stephen Clark, your son's new football coach. This is just a reminder that we have our team meeting today at 5:30 pm at Warder Elementary. I have talked to a couple of you that said you will not be able to make it, totally fine. Hope to see the rest of you there!
July 31st, 2019

Hello and Welcome!

Hey everyone!

My name is Stephen Clark and I will the be the head coach for this 6th grade Arvada Team! I am so excited to meet all of you and to get things started! Plenty of things to get to in this letter, I'll start with a self-intro:

- I live in Aravda, near 64th & Ward. I am single and 31 years old. I played tackle football for 6 years, but this is my first year coaching. For the last 10 years I have worked as a Chrstian Missionary. I signed on late to be a coach, so that is while this email might seem a little late, my apologies.

Now let's get to the announcements I have for you.

- We need to schedule a TEAM MEETING before practice starts. Does Sunday at 5:30 @ Warder Elem. work for everyone? I will need at least one parent and the player there, thank you.

- Our PRACTICES will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5:30 - 7:30 @ Warder Elementary near 78th & Carr. The first 3 days will be no pads, and we will have a week 1 only Friday practice, same time same place, for the first day of pads.

- I need one parent to volunteer to be the TEAM MANAGER and one to be the TEAM PARENT. Please let me know asap if you would be willing to serve in one of these roles.

- I also need at least two ASSISTANT COACHES, I do not have any yet. Please let me know if you would be interested in being an assistant coach.

- You will need to bring a doctor's proof of a PHYSICAL to our team meeting. The player will not be able to play in PADS until we have the proof of physical.

- You will be able to pick up your UNIFORMS AND PADS at Sportline in Arvada, get fitted for a WHITE helmet, with a BLACK facemask. Please get Black pants. Your number will be picked for you. If you are a returning player and your jersey still fits you, you do not need to get a new jersey. Please get to sportline asap to get a jersey that fits you, we don't want to have to order any if the size isn't in stock. Please buy a white practice jersey as well, red if white is not in stock.

- Please bring your proof of physical, a copy of a REPORT CARD, and a copy of BIRTH CERTIFICATE to our team meeting.

- And lastly, We have the oportunity to play in a tournament 8/16 - 8/18. The cost is $350 per team. That's not too expensive per player with 17 on our team as of now. But this is optional.

That should be it for now! Thank you all for your time and we will be in contact!

Please contact me, phone or email, whenever you have questions.

- Stephen

July 29th, 2019

AYFA Late Registrations

AYFA is taking late registrations.

New players to grades 3rd, 6th and 8th grade are being waitlisted. All others age groups have roster room. Please let your friends know.

Have them call the league phone 303-424-3460 or email us at

Someone will reachout to you.

July 29th, 2019

Officials Wanted

July 29th, 2019

AYFA's Kick-off Classic

AYFA's Kick-off Classic

AYFA's amended this weekend's event to a one day event to accommodate those who registered for our inaugural event. We hope that you all have great day on Saturday. The schedule has been attached.